Keeping Up With the Times

27 Jun

I can say that, so far, I haven’t been entirely “up to date” on current trends and whatchamajiggers(not a real word). Blogging has always been something that both intrigued and befuddled(yes it’s a word) me. Up until the last few days of college, I hadn’t even tried getting a Twitter account. To me it seemed to be just another way to let the big wide world know that “Hey, I just bought some wicked socks bro.” =[ I was eventually pulled to Twitter by a friend who convinced me that it wasn’t all about socks and the like. Hell, I hadn’t even gotten a damn cell phone until I was about to leave for college!

When I was 16 someone decided that us young whippersnappers should be allowed to receive our drivers license at a younger age and that we were to take an early morning drivers ed course. This was awesome in that we could get our license earlier and drive like madmen, and terrible because we had to be dragged over to the school at 7 o’clock, a whole hour before the school even opened! All of us in the Sophomore and Freshmen class were thrilled that we were getting this opportunity the driving part that is. Well…everyone but me. You see, I had it in my naive little mind that I could do without a gas guzzling, ozone destroying hunk of metal and instead *drum roll* GET A BICYCLE! That’s right world, I was going green before my town even knew green was a color! I thought that I could get a job in town or close enough where I could easily bike to work. A  good college education? Forget it! I was going to enroll at the local community college(or so I thought) and get a simple degree, find a girl, and live in a quiet, peaceful town in Southeastern Illinois.

Then my reasoning kicked in.

Who the hell does that!?!?! I opened my eyes and saw that everyone in my town, nay, THE WORLD owned a car. Only an idiot would never buy a car. Only a person who has no desire to succeed in life wouldn’t get a good college degree. I was so ready to stay in a shitty town with shitty jobs and have an even shittier future than pull up my big boy pants and say “Man up bitch!”. I didn’t want to convert to the “now” or do what everyone else was doing. I was so close-minded I thought that by not getting a car and not getting a college degree would make me something unique but I realized that to be unique you sometimes have to keep up with the times. Now I have a car, a phone, a twitter account, and I am proud to be the first person in my entire family to go to college and hopefully get a college degree(my family is just old fashioned like that I suppose). Now all I have left is blogging and conforming to Reddit and of all those other life-sucking sites XD

Wish me luck =P

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One response to “Keeping Up With the Times

  1. Onnissia

    June 29, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    Good god, don’t conform to Reddit. It’s like crack! But um, other than that, this made me lol a lot. I’m putting the “Man up BITCH” in my quotes. Just sayin’


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