A Blog About Megan McGinnis

30 Jun

So I’m drunk and writing a blog about the wonderful Megan McGinnis! She is the most awesomest, greatest, fan-fucking-tabulous person in the whole world! I love this girl more than she knows, she is just like me in almost every way and we have a lot in common. This girl is seriously amazing. I’m watching beetleborgs also but although this is awesome I want total about Megan. She loves having super awesome fun and knows how to make a night really cool. This girl is beautiful, I mean gorgeous and awesomely awesomesauce, she is the best person I have ever known! She’s funny, smart, has her stuff together, and knows how to have a great time.

Me and Megan! I had so much fun that night I will never forget it

Without her I would b e miserable beyond help. She makes the day brighter, the night cooler and she won’t let you down. This chick is really something. God I am gone. Drunk blogging is fun! Anywhoozlewhatsel, like I said, Megan is one amazing woman. ONe time we went to Taco Bell and she was wearing shorty shorts with amazing makeup and a tank top-thing  while I had blue hair, a skinny black shirt and blue hair. We were pretty gone and when we entered, we saw her RA! we couldn’t NOT stop giggling! To make matters worse, we see cops lights flashing right outside the window in the parking lot  and saw that they were parked right behind her leopard print car. We were scared shitless that the cops were here for us. So we finish our food, go outside, and confront our fate.

What really happened was that two girls(attractive) had gotten pulled over right next to megans car. When we walked out of Taco Hell, the cops were staring at us. We asked if it was olright to back out, since they were parked right behind us lol. When we ask, they glare at us for about 5 seconds and then  calmly say, “yeah it’s okay, have a good night!” And so we left Taco Bell, still a little bit tipsy and continued on with our amazing night of vodka, dubstep and amazingness. Don’t ever overlook Megan McGinnis no matter what! So thanks for listening to me talk all about Megan. Be sure to check her out,  out my other Blogs and posts about Megan or her blog oager itself. Also don’t forget about me here, lo well I’ll be going no, I hope your expectation werent high lol

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One response to “A Blog About Megan McGinnis

  1. cheekytheleopard

    June 30, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    I love that picture, that was a great night! You keep blogging Austin Moraga.


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