U Mad Bro?

30 Jun

I drew this!

Today kids, we are going to be talking about the Fantabulous internet sensation known as Troll Faces, more commonly called Rage Faces!

Troll/Rage faces are used for short online panel comics called Rage Comics. There is no real definitive purpose for these comics, other than to have a big tub of Lulz. There are over 9000!(not an actual statistic) rage faces all over the internets, with more being made using pictures of popular trends, like this right here!

My Little Rage Faces!

Is that not amazing? Does it not make you LOL? No?…damn…Anyway, there are a crap ton of sites all over the internet where you can find rage faces, rage comics, and Memes. I’ll talk about Memes in a future post, so hold your Ponies.

Some really popular rage faces include the classic Troll Face,the FUUUUU Guy, the Fuck Yeah guy, the AWW YEAH guy, and of course we can’t forget the Poker Face and Me Gusta. I love wasting precious hours of the night scrolling through endless pages of Rage Comics(I hate myself). People can make some really funny comics, and people can make really bad ones. Sometimes it’s a matter of whether or not you get the joke, understanding where the creator is coming from, or sometimes it’s just the problem of you finding a funny bone!


You Monster.

Rage faces can and are used for everyday situations. Whether you stubbed your toe, tried to lie, asked “why!” for any reason, virtually everything you do in life, you can bet your sweet ass that someone has made a Rage Comic out of it. Situations like these pictures shown, really demonstrates the dire need for a rage face. As I said I have wasted countless hours looking at Rage Comics, and it can be just as easy for you to get hooked as well. I don’t know what it is that makes them so appealing but it sucks you in like a vacuum!
I’m not saying “Stay Away!“, I’m just saying be careful, you can lose your soul! 😀 Remember, safety first kids!

Best song ever

To some of you, these rage faces may seem…disturbing. I’ll admit that at first, I thought they were hideous and stupid looking. The way some of them were drawn wasn’t great and the troll face kept popping up everywhere! I was really getting annoyed by them until one day I just read a few Rage Comics. From then on I loved them! I finally understood what they were for and realized that they are supposed to look that way, and they are for making fun of people and things in life.

Some popular sites to find Rage Comics are,, and If you know of any other sites let me know!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this infomercial and learned something today =P

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One response to “U Mad Bro?

  1. bridiebunny

    July 2, 2011 at 6:06 am

    My favourite is the Portal Turret one hahaha I don’t know what that rage guy is called but I know he has something to do with inglip etc…sheer beauty ^______^


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