Ever Wonder How The Universe Began?

04 Apr

The talk of everyone’s lips (at least mine) has mainly been dedicated to that of universal theories. Also I’m drunk. This will be Interesting.

Shit just got real

Yup SCIENCE *Cue amazing cinematic music* Really though, more of theoretical science, like parallel universes and the creation of the universe but still ÜBER BADASS! Let me lay it down for you all.

      The Universe. It’s big right? Yeah, really right. Big. What? IT’S INCOMPREHENSIBLY LARGE MAAAN! Okay so, several theories have been created or hypothesized (whatever) that try to explain how there may be alternate universes and parallel/alternate/multiple/other etc. universes that exist somehow somewhere. Perhaps the most famous is that of the Multiple-worlds theory. This states that there are an unlimited amount of universes that exist together in a multi-verse or sometimes called a bubble-verse. Did I mention that I’m watching Avatar: The Last Airbender? No? Oh well…Anyway…where was I going with this post? OH RIGHT!


So, really, imagine every perceivable action taking place. You have a choice to go left or right. Left takes you to a city where you can meet your future wife. Right takes you to a town where you partake in your dream job. Each decision is acted out in a separate universe, talking different paths and decisions from EVERY. SINGLE. POSSIBLE. DECISION. yeah. mind blown yet?


Man, Dubstep while drunk really gets you motivated. So a plethora of universes exist together as bubbles, with new bubbles forming from those previous bubbles ans so on, and existing on one plane of existence.

Rhythm pulsing and swaying within the veins
softly yet stumbling together within the dance of the heart.

I don’t know what that was. Sorry.

So I’m too incapacitated to stay on track so I give you this


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