About This Guy Named Austin

What can I say….anything? Really though….should I start now?…okay. 


Hey there peeps, thanks for taking the time out of whatever busy schedule you had to check out my blog…probably wasn’t that busy since you’re here…Any-who, my name is Austin and I love to be me.

If I seem a bit….hyper…in my writing, just know that I try to write how I talk. I am really eccentric at times and I love to be outrageous if I get the chance ;D RANDOM FACT: I can balance things on my head pretty well and on my hands I can keep it balanced forever

I love both Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles, I write prose, some poetry here and there, short stories and whathaveyou. Thanks to my awesome dad, music is a necessary part in my daily diet of life, also thanks to him, I play guitar really well YAY! I love all types of music, especially Hardcore and Jazz/Blues like Frank Sinatra. I also really love classical music. Anything good except really sappy country songs, especially if they have ANYTHING to do with America. I really don’t like being an American but hey, what can you do right? I speak German, not much but I’m still learning :D, oh yeah, I looove using smiley face emotes so….yeah, you’re gonna see those 😉

Right now I am working at a great little deli called McAlisters, I live alone 😦 with my cat, Nightingale. College is a bitch, money is equally so. I’m 21 now so woohoo!

Well unless you want my whole life story I think this is about it! XD If you have any questions please ask away.

Hope you enjoy the show.


One response to “About This Guy Named Austin

  1. cheekytheleopard

    June 29, 2011 at 12:28 am

    Hey i’m one of those ladies you’re living with, thanks for denying the rumor that i am a skank!


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