About This Guy Named Austin

What can I say….anything? Really though….should I start now?…okay. 


Hey there peeps, thanks for taking the time out of whatever busy schedule you had to check out my blog…probably wasn’t that busy since you’re here…Any-who, my name is Austin and I love to be me.

If I seem a bit….hyper…in my writing, just know that I try to write how I talk. I am really eccentric at times and I love to be outrageous if I get the chance ;D RANDOM FACT: I can balance things on my head pretty well and on my hands I can keep it balanced forever

I love both Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles, I write prose, some poetry here and there, short stories and whathaveyou. Thanks to my awesome dad, music is a necessary part in my daily diet of life, also thanks to him, I play guitar really well YAY! I love all types of music, especially Hardcore and Jazz/Blues like Frank Sinatra. I also really love classical music. Anything good except really sappy country songs, especially if they have ANYTHING to do with America. I really don’t like being an American but hey, what can you do right? I speak German, not much but I’m still learning :D, oh yeah, I looove using smiley face emotes so….yeah, you’re gonna see those 😉

Right now I am working at a great little deli called McAlisters, I live alone 😦 with my cat, Nightingale. College is a bitch, money is equally so. I’m 21 now so woohoo!

Well unless you want my whole life story I think this is about it! 😄 If you have any questions please ask away.

Hope you enjoy the show.


One response to “About This Guy Named Austin

  1. cheekytheleopard

    June 29, 2011 at 12:28 am

    Hey i’m one of those ladies you’re living with, thanks for denying the rumor that i am a skank!


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