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Ever Wonder How The Universe Began?

The talk of everyone’s lips (at least mine) has mainly been dedicated to that of universal theories. Also I’m drunk. This will be Interesting.

Shit just got real

Yup SCIENCE *Cue amazing cinematic music* Really though, more of theoretical science, like parallel universes and the creation of the universe but still ÜBER BADASS! Let me lay it down for you all.

      The Universe. It’s big right? Yeah, really right. Big. What? IT’S INCOMPREHENSIBLY LARGE MAAAN! Okay so, several theories have been created or hypothesized (whatever) that try to explain how there may be alternate universes and parallel/alternate/multiple/other etc. universes that exist somehow somewhere. Perhaps the most famous is that of the Multiple-worlds theory. This states that there are an unlimited amount of universes that exist together in a multi-verse or sometimes called a bubble-verse. Did I mention that I’m watching Avatar: The Last Airbender? No? Oh well…Anyway…where was I going with this post? OH RIGHT!


So, really, imagine every perceivable action taking place. You have a choice to go left or right. Left takes you to a city where you can meet your future wife. Right takes you to a town where you partake in your dream job. Each decision is acted out in a separate universe, talking different paths and decisions from EVERY. SINGLE. POSSIBLE. DECISION. yeah. mind blown yet?


Man, Dubstep while drunk really gets you motivated. So a plethora of universes exist together as bubbles, with new bubbles forming from those previous bubbles ans so on, and existing on one plane of existence.

Rhythm pulsing and swaying within the veins
softly yet stumbling together within the dance of the heart.

I don’t know what that was. Sorry.

So I’m too incapacitated to stay on track so I give you this


U Mad Bro?

I drew this!

Today kids, we are going to be talking about the Fantabulous internet sensation known as Troll Faces, more commonly called Rage Faces!

Troll/Rage faces are used for short online panel comics called Rage Comics. There is no real definitive purpose for these comics, other than to have a big tub of Lulz. There are over 9000!(not an actual statistic) rage faces all over the internets, with more being made using pictures of popular trends, like this right here!

My Little Rage Faces!

Is that not amazing? Does it not make you LOL? No?…damn…Anyway, there are a crap ton of sites all over the internet where you can find rage faces, rage comics, and Memes. I’ll talk about Memes in a future post, so hold your Ponies.

Some really popular rage faces include the classic Troll Face,the FUUUUU Guy, the Fuck Yeah guy, the AWW YEAH guy, and of course we can’t forget the Poker Face and Me Gusta. I love wasting precious hours of the night scrolling through endless pages of Rage Comics(I hate myself). People can make some really funny comics, and people can make really bad ones. Sometimes it’s a matter of whether or not you get the joke, understanding where the creator is coming from, or sometimes it’s just the problem of you finding a funny bone!


You Monster.

Rage faces can and are used for everyday situations. Whether you stubbed your toe, tried to lie, asked “why!” for any reason, virtually everything you do in life, you can bet your sweet ass that someone has made a Rage Comic out of it. Situations like these pictures shown, really demonstrates the dire need for a rage face. As I said I have wasted countless hours looking at Rage Comics, and it can be just as easy for you to get hooked as well. I don’t know what it is that makes them so appealing but it sucks you in like a vacuum!
I’m not saying “Stay Away!“, I’m just saying be careful, you can lose your soul! 😀 Remember, safety first kids!

Best song ever

To some of you, these rage faces may seem…disturbing. I’ll admit that at first, I thought they were hideous and stupid looking. The way some of them were drawn wasn’t great and the troll face kept popping up everywhere! I was really getting annoyed by them until one day I just read a few Rage Comics. From then on I loved them! I finally understood what they were for and realized that they are supposed to look that way, and they are for making fun of people and things in life.

Some popular sites to find Rage Comics are,, and If you know of any other sites let me know!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this infomercial and learned something today =P

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Time To Meet Klaus

He will devour everything you love in this world.

I want to get this over with because the little f*cker just bit me on the nose, in the nostril. I’m in pain and rather pissed but I will get better as this post goes on. Usually, Klaus isn’t a calm, kind kitten, instead he is the perfect reincarnation of a dire hell-spawn from the 9th level of the Netherworld.

Cutest thing ever?

But he is cute, so that makes up for that fact 😀 We got Klaus when we were visiting my brother in Illinois for his high school graduation. His girlfriend knew we wanted another kitteh after me mum lost Frank, the most awesome kitteh in the multiverse. Klaus started out as a 3 week old kitten, raised on a farm, and was like a very laid back English Gentle-cat.

We all loved his casual demeanor and the way he let us hold him and scratch his belly and do all sorts of other such kitteh related actions. I actually thought he might have been….slow (retarded). In all, he WAS a perfect little bundle of fucking joy, until….THE ACCIDENT DUN DUN DUNNNN!!! There was no accident, I just like being dramatic 😛 What happened was we started to play with him in ways that would’ve had him taken away by Social-Kitteh Services(I am completely joking). After a few days of “playing” we had to go back home to Arkansas and he was of course forced to ride in the car with us. Since my brother and his girlfriend came back with us to visit, we got to have a kitteh-exchange every time we stopped! NOTE: Driving in a car with a little bitty kitty trying to Nom on your hand is never a good idea!

Artist's Rendering

So the ride back was hell, it rained (a lot), we about died (twice), and when we arrived home, we found out that we had been robbed :[ But the shitty parts aside, it was a great time and Klaus was finally home and able to enjoy himself. At the time, he didn’t show any real signs of becoming a Hell-kitten. He would play like a good kitten, barely nomming on your hand, batting with his paws, that sort of thing. Then, for some reason known only to this cat’s retarded mind, he starts attacking like a rabid wolverine!

Being a kitten has terrible disadvantages for the owners, and wonderful advantages for the kitten in question. With small size comes:

  1. Small teeth as sharp as needles (OH GAWD THE PAIN!)
  2. Easier to hide, especially in an antique shop with all sorts of great places to ambush (Where is he…what was that noise!?!?)
  3. Greater opportunities for him to be broken by a mad human whose leg was just ninja’d by a Kung-Fu Kitteh Sensei (WHAT HAVE I DONE!)

There are others, I just can’t think of a witty way to say them 😛 Klaus really is a great kitten, aside from the murder and mayhem he can cause. When he is tired out he is pet-able, and the times when he just doesn’t feel like putting you in the hospital at the moment, he is the most adorable thing ever. I still think he might be legitimately retarded though. He runs head-first into things and he leaps two feet into the air sometimes when someone walks by for no apparent reason. Also he likes to stick his head into shoes. It looks like he is driving a car when he does it lol


But I will love Klaus no matter what. Whether he is a Hell-Cat or a Tard-Cat, he will always be my cat. Hopefully we can get it into his head that he can’t go climbing up old lady’s skirts(which he has done), and attack little children from the shadows(also done) and get away with it. He is just doing what kittens do best. Which is to attack the ones he loves without mercy 😦

Remember how I said I would get over being mad at Klaus? Well I’m all better now and barely bleeding XD I hope you all enjoyed meeting my kitteh and hopefully I will add some more posts about him.

You stay classy, San Diego ;D

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