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This Is Not My Sweat :[

Hey there you little goblins, how are you? You’ve all probably heard of the heat wave affecting us right? Well this weekend, I attended the first everThe two-day music festival was absolutely amazing! It was held at the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City and the music was going on inside and outside of the stadium. I must admit that even though I’ve only been to a few concerts/festivals, Kanrocksas topped the list after last night. Not only did I get to see some of my favorite bands up close, I got to enjoy it with Megan McGinnis and her family and friends 😀 I was sooo happy! She gave me a fright on Friday after she nearly passed out at the Arctic Monkeys concert, and again Saturday morning. Send her some get well wishes if you get the chance.

With any kind of concert in August, there’s bound to be heat. This heat doubles when it’s in Kansas. But despite this overwhelming heat, people still party themselves sick and sweaty. Nearly every guy at the festival went shirtless, whether he was chubby or skinny, muscly or chest-hair ridden. After an hour or so just standing out in the sun, people just stopped giving a fuck. Everyone and their mother was tan, burnt, hot, and slimy. I felt so disgusting just breathing in the afternoon air. When it came time for a band to perform, people crowded together so close that bodily fluids became one. At one point I was positive that none of the sweat on me was mine…I hope I was wrong.

So to break it down, the music was fucking awesome, the heat was fucking terrible, and the experience was fucking memorable. The Flaming Lips, The Black Keys, Ween, Bassnectar, 12th Planet, Kid Cudi, Cage the Elephant, Flogging Molly, The Arctic Monkeys, Fitz and the Tantrums, Girl Talk, UME, Primus, OK Go, Eminem, and Muse were the bands that we saw, although there were tons more that we weren’t able to see. We were up front for most of the bands which was awesomesauce. Muse put on the best show by far, next to The Flaming Lips.

The first night of the music festival we had planned to camp out in a tent, but once the day ended and we got to the camp site, waking up in a tent in Kansas in direct sunlight seemed like a bad idea. Instead, a friend and I slept outside in our sleeping bags under the stars, while Megan chose to sleep in the back of the van. If you’ve ever been camping you’ll know that waking up in a sleeping bag is shitty business, but waking up outside in a sleeping bag is downright disgusting. Whoever thought that putting the most moisture absorbing fabric on sleeping bags was a good idea should have been sent to Guantanamo Bay. The pillow I was sleeping on? Wet as a horny teenager 😦 I had a spot big enough for my face that was dry. It was a miserable experience that night, and was made worse by the unexpected fireworks that follow Eminem’s act. Rappers do not need fireworks. Fuck you Eminem. Fuck you.

After I got home I looked at my guitar and just felt anxious. I wanted to be able to play on stage in front of thousands of people one day, but I know that probably won’t happen 😛 All I can do is daydream about being on a hot stage, jumping around, and having a good, sweaty time. At least on stage I’m not being molested by other peoples sweat.

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Time To Blow Stuff Up

Yup, that’s about the extent of my 4th of July celebration this year. I actually consider myself lucky as I usually don’t do anything except pickup candy that was throw at high speed from a cop car driving slowly down a crowded street. I think it’s their way of saying sorry with candy while still shoving their boot up your ass. But seriously though, I am rarely given a chance to shoot of fireworks. The only downside to this particular occasion is that my fireworks look 30 years old. I honestly feel like Wile E. Coyote, but not as hairy or irresponsible.

I was given a big box full of these things for free from our next door neighbors. It was a really nice thing to do, but I have a feeling that something sinister is going on 0_o Perhaps a subtle sabotage with aged fireworks and a strapping young lad? *strokes invisible mustache* Firecrackers, sizzlers, zingers, tiny dynamite, bottle rockets, and more came in this box of dangerous goodies! It was like Christmas in July. A very American Christmas with dirt instead of snow.

To top off the bundle of joy that is my 4th of July, I won’t get to fire these baby’s off until I get off of work. At 12 at night. Yippee! I’m going to be tired as shit, needing a shower, and probably in a terrible mood so I am damn glad I’m getting to blow some shit up! You can bet I’ll be shouting obscenities late into the night 😉 Yet in all of this fun and excitement, I’ll be alone. I won’t be shooting fireworks with friends, I won’t have eaten BBQ, no hamburgers, and NO songs about America (THANK YOU!)

Work is definitely going to be hectic, how could it not be? People want to stuff their faces full of pizza, shouting AMURCAH! You DO know that pizza is Italian right? Just sayin’. So anyway, have a great 4th of July, eat until you hate yourself, and stare in awe of bright explosions, or make your own and blow a finger off. It’s your choice, just be careful lol

Happy Birthday America!


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