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I am steel and iron
With pulsing veins as alive as any
I am silent with hushed veracity
Calling forth that spark of reason
Electricity flowing, this cold heart hums softly
I would feel fear and sorrow inside
Yet as I am, I cannot
I feel so cold
My skin shining with gleams of sunlight
I am firm and watching
Welcoming all who dare approach
I am guardian and protector
To those with malice toward my kingdom
My dreams may not come, as I have not yet slumbered
My design is unbeknownst as I have no maker
I can taste, barely, my morality
With which I denote my purpose
And through purpose I have meaning
I am always and forever
I am Construct
I am Remnant


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New Poem! Yaay

Let The Universe Collapse

Let the stars devour us
Let us step into the sleeping night
With your hand in mine
I can keep you safe from the approaching fire
Of the Weeping Planets

Can I save you if you let go?
This night calls for us both
Don’t give in
I can’t bear to see you fail

Let the cosmos engulf us
Let it take us to silence and darkness
Where pain is a fading memory
Upon the horizon of the universe
Stay with me
In my arms as we drift through serenity

However far you may fall
However lost you may become
I can promise you this
I can swear without pause
That I will be with you
In flesh and in blood
For you are the one I chose
To stay in the comfort of

I will soar through the open seas
Of endless dusk with you beside me
Walk through suffocating fire
Of torturous hell
For I swore to you that night

I gave the oath to the Falling Stars
When they give way to dust and ash
That I will still be by your side
I will keep you safe
I will be your guide
I will not see you fall
Alone and wanting
Because I love you


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Adding A New Weekly Update: Prose/Poetry!

The Dance of Avaelia: Part I, First Act

Through this obsidian eyeglass we see the true stage
The lights are dim
The curtain drawn back
And nothing so rare nor obscene
Seen through the un-shadowed eyes we trust
Could ever be as beautiful

But why do you cowering like some guilty soul
Trial has not come yet my love
So rise and meet your audience with an uproar
So colossal, Zeus’ thunder is drowned without mercy
This is the time for your truest form
While I gaze through that obsidian glass

My dear Avaelia, to no avail can your demons hide
From my eyes of darkened notoriety
To the stage my dear child
To the stage and face that lingering fear
I say truthfully that I am besieged with love
Every moment that my shadowed eyes look upon you

Oh Avaelia you do me wrong in assuming my intention
I have no one other than my possession to adore
And you show me reason to adore you so
So keep your rhythm strong and heart full of passion
To the stage where the un-shadowed eyes see you
As nothing so rare nor obscene
And where my eyeglass of obsidian unveil
That which could ever be as beautiful


I hope you all enjoy this new segment I’m putting up here 😀 These are going to be mostly prose, some poetry. I think I’m just going to pull from my bank of poems, maybe write some new ones here, but i have no clue right now lol


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