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This Is A Witty Heading #2! Grapple Hooks

Don’t you wish your Koala was hot like Uki? You’re damn right you do! This Koala is large (ladies) and in charge with nothing to loose except his good looks. So ask yourself America, would you vote Mr. Uki for President?

Today’s program is brought to you by the letter, G! “G” stands for a vast variety of words, such as Grapple Hooks, Giant Tree Limb, Godawful Idea, and Gargamel(you know, from The Smurfs?) I actually had to use a shoddy antique metal coat-hook to try and pull down a giant dead tree limb in our front yard….really mom? I FELT LIKE A DAMN NINJA! But after a half-hour trying and failing miserably I gave up. Sorry, I’m just not ready to be a ninja….*sob* Maybe if I called it a Hook-shot and wore a bright green tunic with a green cap I could have done it….hmmmm.

mmmm....Bacon =D

Epic is it not!?!?! How many of you wish or have wished that Pokemon were real? Be honest with me, I know I used to dream about being the ultimate Pokemon Master. I wanted to be the very best, like to no one ever was. But that dream died like my uncle left hand. What if the Hulk had Bipolar Disorder? Some people have argued with me that he DOES have Bipolar Disorder, but he DOES NOT! Read the comics folks, he only turns into the Hulk because for some reason, being blasted with gamma radiation causes you to turn big and green whenever you get angry….pshh, science.

 Never in my life have I been more annoyed at a character in a game than at Gary Mother-F*ckin’ Oak. Gonna get your first Pokemon? Give Gary Oak the one who can beat your ass with easiest. You can’t even gain the satisfaction of being the first to defeat a gym leader. Up until you reach the Elite Four and beat them, you think you’re tough shit, then Gary MOTHER-F*CKIN’ Oak turns out to have already beaten them! Never saw THAT comin’ did you? Gonna have to beat his cocky ass and be the very best! Let us take a moment and breath. You fail at every important battle, not because you lose, but because Gary Oak has already beaten you to it. Down the road of broken dreams you walk. =D

(Read the first word of each sentence)

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my ramblings and that little surprise I left you 😉 And remember, if you find yourself failing at life, just blame Gary Mother-F*cking Oak.


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New Update: This Is A Witty Heading!

Starting every Tuesday or Sunday I will be posting randomness in every direction perceivable to the human mind. Like this picture here!(TAH-DA!) I took it because I was bored today and I hate being bored!

Me and Mr. Uki-Kun =3

Usually, I am well equipped to provide myself some form of entertainment, but today I just wasn’t feeling it. So I sort of forced myself to think of a way to make my day not so boring 😛 And so, with marker and paper in hand, I donned my masquerade mask and called upon my lil’ friend Mr. Uki to help me. So far it’s been quiet entertaining. With this new weekly update I plan on bringing in Mr. Uki on a regular basis to aid in the randomness. Just a little history about Mr. Uki here.

Mr. Uki-Kun is of Koalan origin, I mean, judging by his big nose, big ears, and beady eyes I would say he’s a Koala, also he is CUTE AS A BUTTON! He used to be my brother’s for the longest time. The day before I left for college he gave me him as a way to remember him by(I cried). He has always been there for us, whether if we were uber bored or just making funny videos and stuff. Mr. Uki is single and on the market so lady koalas, if you’re looking for a good man-koala in your life, maybe Mr. Uki could be that koala.

Now that we are acquainted let’s move on shall we? ={D <–(mustache smiley) I used to have blue hair. That was the most random thing I ever did in my entire life. One night a month or so ago, me and a few of my friends were in an ice cream shop enjoying our cold as hell treats when I said casually, “Let’s dye my hair blue tonight.” and they casually replied “Okay.” What followed was one of the best nights I had had in a long long time. It was me and 3 girls all in a bathroom trying to get my hair bleached and then dyed blue without burning my scalp off or getting highly staining blue dye everywhere.

ALSO along with this new weekly segment, I will be putting some awesomely awesomesauce pictures of random/interesting nature. I have nearly 1000 pictures that I have gathered over a 6 or 7 month span 😀 Pictures such as this right here.


Yeah, I’ll let that sink in 😛

I’m still thinking of what other random stuff I may include in this weekly post, like random fact, pictures, songs, or other things like that. I’m still learning all about blogging so things may change in the future, but for now they are looking good! Check out my other posts and if you like what you read, give me a comment or two lol

Adios, meine freunde!


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